How to get to the conference from the airport

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How to get to the conference from the airport:

From the airport to the central train station of Vladivostok can be reached by express train. From there, 15 and 16 September the transportation of participants will be organized by bus to the Far Eastern Federal University campus on the Russian Island. Also from the train station the FEFU campus can be reached by taxi (300-500 rubles) or by bus number 15 from the Pokrovskiy Park to FEFU bus stop.

Address for Communication/Conference Secretariat

GraphiCon'2013, Computer Graphics Lab, 4th floor, 408 room,Radio 5 street, IACP FEB RAS, Vladivostok, Russia, 690041
Tel: +7 (423) 231-37-76
E-mail: (or contact from the website)
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