Geometric Modeling on GraphiCon

C3D Labs (a division of ASCON Group) will take part in 23rd International Conference on Computer Graphics and Vision "GraphiCon'2013" that will be held in Vladivostok on September 16-20, 2013.

At the stand of C3D Labs, you will be able to get familiar with C3D geometric modeling kernel, receive a free "Geometric Modeling" book written by Nikolai N. Golovanov, the head of C3D development team, ( and have a conversation with the author. The employees of C3D Labs will answer your questions and tell you what problems can be solved with C3D Kernel and how to license it.

Many topics of the conference are familiar to C3D Labs. For more than 20 years, Russian developers have been involved in geometric modeling while improving the only geometric kernel in Russia, which underlies KOMPAS-3D hybrid modeling system. Since 2012, the kernel is open to licensing for all developers of 3D applications, research institutes and educational institutions.

C3D geometric kernel is a software implementation of mathematical methods to build the numerical models for the geometry of real and imagined objects and mathematical methods to manage such models. Numerical models are used in systems for designing (CAD), engineering calculations (CAE) and manufacturing (CAM) of modeled objects. More details at